My biography


David Tregoning is a senior level Video Editor with nearly 10 years experience in the Post-Production industry, currently working for a moving image agency called Steam Motion & Sound in London, working on projects ranging from TV Commercials, EPKs, trailers and music videos to longer-form content such as documentaries, live events and feature films.

David graduated from De Montfort University in Leicester, UK in 2006 with a Batchelor of Arts degree with honours with his chosen area of study being Music Technology & Innovation. David's specialised areas within Music Technology included digital audio production, studio engineering, sound design & image, creative composition and digital radio.
Following his University studies, David pursued his interest for music and sound design for TV and film which eventually led him to audio/video editing after work placements with the BBC in central London working in the Audio & Music Interactive department and also at Clear Cut Pictures Post Production facilities in west London.

With a passion for rich story-telling, David enjoys creating and crafting stories and thinking of new ways to engage the viewer; working on projects from conception and shooting, right through to mastering and delivery. The result is fresh and exciting content for major international clients, produced in close collaboration with the Directors, Producers, Designers, Animators and clients to deliver compelling content that goes above and beyond the client's original brief.

Music is a huge part of David's life. A keen musician himself, playing keys, drums and also composing/arranging his own music; David also has experience of studio recording, live recording and mixing, producing and mastering.